Bridlington Guest House Accommodation

Park View Guest House Bridlington

Access Statement

Park View Access Statement


We aim to cater for the needs of all our guests in our family owned, 11 bedroom Guest House. All bedrooms have en suite facilities, 9 fitted with showers and the remaining 2 with baths (one on the first floor and the other on the second). We also have a dining Room, a lounge and a well-stocked bar.

Our accommodation has a strict no smoking policy throughout.

  • You can contact us via telephone 01262 672140 or email
  • Brochures contain a map and contact information
  • You can view our accommodation on our website
  • We are located at the Promenade end of Tennyson Avenue opposite the gardens.
  • The local bus station is a 5 minute walk away and the train station is a 10 – 15 minute walk away
  • Taxis are available at the bus and train stations although we can book in advance for you
  • There are many local taxi firms which we are happy to contact on your behalf during your stay
  • Shops and other amenities are only a few minutes’ walk away
  • There are mobility shops on both Manor Street and Chapel Street (an approximate 5 minute walk) from where hire equipment ie. wheelchairs and scooters are available. We can make arrangements for you or can provide the telephone number
  • There is a pharmacy close by (a two minute walk), which is open until 11pm Monday – Saturday. The Wolds View Primary Care Centre is approximately 1.4 miles away within Bridlington Hospital. This is an integrated service providing both a GP service, a minor injuries service and a minor illness service. We can provide you with further details and the telephone number if you wish.
  • Menu’s can be provided in large print if required.
Arrival and Car Parking Facilities
  • There are four designated parking bays next to the front doors and parking on the roadside along Tennyson Avenue is available with a permit which we will supply to you free of charge
  • A disabled parking permit allows 24 hour parking within the zoned area but not in the car - parks
  • There are a number of speed bumps along Tennyson Avenue including one just before our entrance if arriving from the promenade end of Tennyson Avenue
  • The car parking surface is block paved, level and fully lit at night
  • There is a very slight incline to the front doors but no steps or ramps
  • The contact telephone number is very clearly displayed externally on the signage on the building
  • The door is usually locked and there is a bell to allow access. This is only audible inside the building
  • We can assist with luggage from and to cars and taxis
  • The front entrance is well lit at night
Main Entrance and Reception
  • The door is usually locked. There is a bell at a height of 1.4 metres on the door. You will be issued with a Yale key on registration
  • The height of the lock is 96.5 cms
  • The door is side hung and is 94cms wide
  • You will enter the sun lounge/reception area which is well lit with either natural light during the day or table lamps and spotlights at night time • There is comfortable seating available in the sun lounge
  • There is a mat in the doorway of the sun lounge which is 92cms by 56cms and this leads onto a carpet of short pile which runs throughout the hallway and staircases of which there are two
  • From the sun lounge you will enter into the lounge/bar areas via a door of 78cms wide
  • You will be asked to complete a registration card either at a table of 74cms high, 53.5cms high or at the bar which is 106.7cms high
  • There is ample seating available within these areas
  • A pen will be available and we will be happy to assist with completion of the card
  • All of these areas are well lit and the floor is level with short pile carpet throughout
  • Additional keys to rooms are available on request
  • A familiarisation tour can be given if requested
  • There is a good contrast between the walls and carpeting
Public Areas – General (Internal)
  • Public areas are situated on 3 floors – ground, first and second
  • We have 11 bedrooms currently in use, a lounge, bar and a dining room
  • The sun lounge, lounge, bar and dining room are on the ground floor
  • Access to both the lounge/bar and the dining room is via the hallway/sun lounge
  • The door to the dining room is 77.5cms wide
  • All areas have short pile carpets and are well lit
  • We do not have a lift or elevator to the first or second floor
  • We have 2 staircases to the first floor and therefore handrails on the left on one and the right on the other
  • There is a bell by the lounge door in the hallway to summon assistance in the day or at night time
  • There is a bell on the bar to summon assistance
  • Bedrooms are situated on the first and second floors
  • There are two staircases leading to the second floors
  • There are 15 stairs to the first landing, 4 to the next, 11 to the next and 6 to the next
  • Each stair measures – L- 26.7cms, W – 78cms and H – 17.8cms
  • Televisions in the bedrooms have Freeview
  • Wi-Fi is available throughout
  • All doors within the public areas are wooden fire doors
Public Areas – WC
  • Bedrooms are all en suite
  • There is a toilet on the first landing on the right hand side dining room
  • The dining room is open at mealtimes only ie. 8am – 8.30am – breakfast, 5.15pm – evening meal. The door is wedged open at these times
  • The dining room entrance is located via the hallway. (Opposite the lounge doorway and at the bottom of the left hand staircase)
  • The doorway is 77.5cms
  • Lighting is bright
  • There is short pile carpeting in place
  • All tables seat 1 – 2 people but these are movable to suit individual needs
  • Tables have a central leg on a sturdy base and are all the same size
  • Chairs are high backed without arms
  • Music is played at a low volume at meal times
  • There are menus displayed and the evening meal is a set menu
  • The menu can be provided in large print and we are keen to help if required
  • We are happy to cater for special diets or for particular likes and dislikes. Please advise of these on your arrival
  • At breakfast time you may help yourself to cereal and fruit juice etc. as displayed on the wooden unit in the dining room. Full English breakfast or a variety of other choices are available by waitress service
  • Alcoholic drinks can be provided with the evening meal as requested
  • The Evening meal is a four course menu and is waitress service
  • Guests are welcome to use the lounge throughout the day and the evening
  • There is comfortable low seating for 12 people in the lounge area and 5 low tables that can be moved around as necessary
  • There is a large wall mounted television with Freeview
  • There are 12 comfortable low chairs in the bar area and 1 high bar stool
  • There are 3 round tables for drinks at a height of 74cms
  • The bar is open from approximately 7.30pm until 10.30pm. The doors will be locked if there are no residents in the bar at 10pm. If there are residents in the bar last orders will be taken at 11.30pm and the bar will close at midnight
  • There is a short pile carpet throughout
  • The lounge/bar area is a comfortable size
  • Music is played quietly throughout the day and the evening to suit a variety of tastes
  • The 11 bedrooms are situated on the first and second floors
  • There is no lift available
  • All rooms are en suite – 9 with shower facilities and the remaining 2 (room 4 on the first floor and room 12 on the second floor), have baths.
  • Doorways to bedrooms are a standard 97 cms in width.
  • There is a fire alarm system throughout the building with smoke detectors in all rooms. Rooms 2 and 3 have a strobe light attached to the fire alarm
  • You will be advised to read the fire procedure (on the bedroom wall) when taken to your room
  • Bed heights are between 58.5cms and 61cms
  • All beds apart from the singles have access from both sides
  • All bedrooms have a Freeview televisions with remote control
  • There is a short pile carpet in all bedrooms and non-slip flooring in the en suites
  • Lighting is uniform throughout and there are bedside lamps for all beds
  • We have a combination of single, twin, double and family rooms and all are tastefully decorated
  • There are guest information folders in each bedroom and these can be available in large print if requested
  • There are cordless electric kettles in all rooms situated on shelves 81.5cms high
  • Appropriate colour contrast between surfaces
  • Towels are provided. Hairdryers are provided in our premium rooms 2 and 7 and available on request for all other rooms. There is an ironing room on the second floor (Room 9). Please ask for assistance as required.
  • Morning calls available on request
  • Duvets on all beds. Extra pillows and blankets available on request
  • All bedrooms have a wardrobe, bedside cabinet, chair and a chest of drawers bathrooms/shower rooms
  • First floor – Room 2 (premium en suite double/twin), 3 (En suite twin), 4 (En suite double/twin with bath), 5 (En suite double), 6 (En suite family – double and sofa bed), 7 (Premium En suite family – double and sofa bed + adjoining lockable single room with own TV)
  • Second floor – Room 11 (En suite family – double and single), 12 (En suite double/twin with bath), 14 (En suite family – double and single), 15 (En suite twin), 16 (En suite double) • En suite facilities are tastefully decorated and tiled and are a variety of sizes and very similar specification
  • Shower trays are not level entry
  • All have a shaving point
  • Non-slip flooring in all en-suites
  • Towels, soap, shower gel and conditioner are provided
Additional Information
  • Smoke detectors are linked to the fire alarm system and are located within each room
  • Fire extinguishers are located by the doorway in the dining room (between dining rooms and kitchen), one in the hallway at the top of the first flight of stairs on the landing and one on the second landing, (top of the stairs)
  • Call points are located in the hallway and on the first landing by room 4 and the second landing by room 14
  • The fire alarm will be tested on a Monday morning between 10am and 12 midday
  • We are happy to refrigerate any medication or special dietary foods
  • If you wish to use a telephone then we will be happy to provide one for your use
  • Mobile phone reception is generally good
  • In the event of a fire the alarm will sound and the lights will flash in room 2 and 3 – please advise us on booking or on arrival if you have a hearing impairment
  • If we can be of any assistance throughout your stay please do not hesitate to ask

Call: 01262 672140